After receiving physiotherapy treatment for a lower back disc problem I went to Neil to increase my flexibility and core strength to prevent the situation recurring.

The combination of exercises I can now practise on my own and the occasional sports massage treatment make my back problem a distant memory. During my time working with Neil I found my sessions very well planned out and challenging but always different and I’m now the fittest I’ve been in years.

Craig O’Rourke – Production technician

I’ve been suffering with severe muscular lower back/pelvic pain and tension in my shoulders for years. Been to numerous physio’s and therapeutic massage to help ease the tension and pain with no benefit. Been to Neil twice for sport massage so far and the improvement is literally unbelievable. I feel so much lighter, my pain has more than halved and taking less and less pain relief. I highly recommend him. Sport massage hurts but the benefits are fantastic.

Genevieve Howard – Housewife

I made the decision to attend personal trainer sessions to help me keep to a regular programme of exercise and to try and improve my strength and fitness and muscle tone. I have found an improvement in all these areas more quickly than I expected.

Neil has a thorough understanding of the science behind exercise regimes and I have enjoyed the sessions and the progress I am making. The exercises are varied and have the right amount of challenge to keep me making progress.

I had problems with my sciatic nerve but, with Neil’s guidance relating to the correct exercises in the gym and at home and also the massage sessions, this has disappeared 

Neil’s approach is totally professional in all aspects. I intend to continue with these sessions as I find the support and guidance invaluable.”I’ve been training with Neil for over 2 years now.

Alan Ayres

I have been ending weekly personal training sessions with Neil at Scifit for over 2 years. The personalised fitness programme, following an initial assessment and discussion, has already helped me improve my fitness, flexibility and strength. 

The hour-long sessions are enjoyable because the exercises are varied and targeted to ensure steady progression. I find the scientific approach to keeping fit and healthy and Neil’s explanations informative and interesting. 

Neil’s approach is encouraging and the sessions challenging enough to ensure on-going progress. In addition to the exercise programme, Neil has sorted out the problems I have had with my calf muscles through massage. I can feel the many benefits to my health and well-being gained from these regularly and professionally delivered sessions.

Liz Ayres

I have been training with Neil for a couple of years and I can genuinely say that I feel a lot stronger and fitter – both physically and mentally. Neil’s knowledge and expertise allows him to tailor the training sessions to my personal needs and his friendly approach makes each session enjoyable. I have used a personal trainer in the past and I have got to say Neil has more than exceeded my expectations. With Neil’s support I have also developed a more positive approach to exercise which I thought would never happen. I have no hesitation in personally recommending Neil and his training methods and consider each session money well spent

Sue Moore – Police Officer

There are big differences between using Neil or joining a gym. With Neil you get a personalised approach, with a different routine every visit tailored to your needs and progress. You will get results. You use excellent equipment that is regularly replaced and well maintained. You only pay if you go, and you don’t have a direct debit extracting your hard earned cash every month. And I think it works out better value than gym membership. What’s not to like?” I’ve been training with Neil for over 2 years.

Andrew – Surgeon

I didn’t know what to expect as I’d never had a PT before, had I known about Neil before I’d have hired him ages ago. I would recommend him without doubt, he knows his stuff, workouts are in his awesome private gym and each workout is different from the last so it keeps things interesting. I love my sessions at his gym and really missed going the last 5 weeks (due to family illness) so it was great to get back last Saturday. He’s a bit like a hairdresser, gets all my woes and problems! Thanks Neil.

Katrina Chapman – Marketing Director

I have been working with Neil for just over 3 years now having tried without any success to use a local gym. I was extremely unsure about going to a personal trainer for all the usual reasons. 

It has been one if the best decisions I have made, benefitting significantly both in terms of my physical fitness and improved awareness of how to look after myself.

Neil’s approach is very professional and appropriate to each person’s specific needs and capabilities. His sessions are never the same so have never become repetitive or boring and he has a very subtle and experienced motivational approach which gets real results. He has a quiet and considered style and is also a great listener! I have built up a fantastic rapport with Neil and rate him highly not only as first class a trainer but also as an astute, straight talking and caring individual.

Simon Leyshon – Director, em2 Limited

I have been delighted with the service that Neil has provided. On arrival at Scifit I had taken no voluntary exercise in eighteen years. After ten sessions with Neil over the course of three months I have lost 1.5 stone in weight, stopped smoking, and begun to enjoy physical activity again. Neil’s approach is scientific, encouraging and friendly. And it works. 
Since beginning regular sessions with Neil, I have felt physically fitter, my ongoing nagging lower back pain has disappeared, I feel (and apparently look) younger, and I look forward now to training sessions
I’ve been training with Neil for five years.

Dr P. Dyson Veterinary Surgeon

I have no hesitation in recommending Neil Kirtley and his scientific approach to training to others. I have been training with Neil for around 2 years now and have seen some fantastic results, both physically and mentally.

This was not the first time that I had worked with an exercise professional however a recent job move meant that I was looking to find a competent trainer in the Tees Valley.

One of the advantages of working with Neil is that each session is tailored to your needs. Neil focuses on quality not quantity so that you get into the habit of exercising properly using correct techniques which means that you get much better results than you would flogging away on your own in a gym.

Combining this with Neil’s knowledge and encouragement I have been able to focus on key areas to improve my core conditioning, diet and stabilise nagging sports injuries. As a result of these efforts I have so far lost 12 kg and been able to regain much more mobility.

I’d like to take the opportunity to thank Neil for his help and effort and shall look forward to continuing to work with him.

Mr C. Gill – Management Consultancy Surveyor

I have just completed the Ben Nevis Challenge May 2010 on behalf of the Alzheimer’s society and was training with Neil prior to this event for three months. The results were amazing!

Neil tailored each session to my individual needs and got me into the habit of exercising properly using correct techniques. So at the end of the course, I got much better faster results than I would have by slaving away on my own in the local gym.

Neil’s specialised knowledge made it easy to focus on key areas to improve and strengthen my body core and conquer several minor sporting injuries! This resulted in a huge increase of my overall fitness and I was able to regain much more mobility, strength and endurance – which made climbing 4,408 feet easily achievable! I would like to recommend Neil Kirtley and his scientific approach to training to others

Mrs M. Hickley – Licensed Conveyancer

Having decided to take up personal training again, I found Neil on his personal training website.
On my first meeting with him I found him to be very professional, he had a form for me to fill out and asked me what I wanted to achieve from the training sessions, I felt he listened to what I was saying . He then told me about himself and how he would run the sessions, I decided that every thing sounded good and he was very easy to speak to and I felt comfortable in his company, I think this is important in one to one training sessions.
I have now been training with Neil for about 5 years, the sessions have been better than I expected and I really enjoy them.
The hours training is always varied so you don’t know what to expect. Having now had quite a few sessions i feel Neil did listen to what i asked for at our first meeting and tailored the sessions to suit my goals.
I feel at ease in his company, confident in what he asks me to do, and also impressed at his knowledge of his understanding of how the body works.
I would recommend Neil to any one looking for personal training sessions , he manages to get the best from me , while pushing but not in a too aggressive or intimidating way.

Mrs Rachel Brown – Housewife

I am training with Neil because I want to improve my body and increase my general fitness. On my first few visits he assessed my abilities and discussed my goals with me and designed a programme to meet my needs. As I get fitter and stronger he is continuing to monitor my progress and is adapting the programme to meet my changing needs.
Neil has his own private gym, which means you can train with him on an individual basis in a nice environment. I don’t like going to a public gym as I find those places a bit intimidating. Some personal trainers can also be intimidating, but Neil isn’t at all. He works with you and helps you to achieve your goals. I enjoy my sessions as they’re never boring and I come away feeling that I’ve achieved a lot. I’ve noticed such a difference in my body shape, my fitness levels and my energy levels and I would never have achieved these changes by training on my own in a public gym

Dr S. Hamilton | Researcher |

I have been working out with Neil for about four years and I now feel fitter and stronger than ever before.
My workouts are very challenging and I have learnt ways to exercise my body that I would never have been able to on my own.
I have found Neil to be very knowledgeable about the human body and all aspects of health and fitness.
His expertise in the field and ability to listen to what I was trying to achieve make him a very good personal trainer. The sessions are always very relaxed and even though the exercises are hard they are generally fun to do.
Overall I have enjoyed my training so much that I decided to train to become a personal trainer myself and under Neil’s mentoring I am now fully qualified and have my own successful business. I would highly recommend Neil to anyone.

Emily Brown – Personal Trainer

On a recommendation from my daughter I started personal training with Sci Fit. I had not done any training for a couple of years due to a groin strain that made it too painful to exercise. I had no confidence in exercising but Neil put me at ease and we started off slowly. Each week I built up my confidence and fitness levels. My flexibility and physical strength have improved greatly. The one to one private training helped with someone to listen to your concerns in a relaxed atmosphere. I have now had the confidence to start running and go back to aerobics but have continued with the private training as I am still feeling the benefit from it with the varied training program prepared for me each week by Neil. I am happy for anyone to contact me if they would like a chat with me about this . I am 52yrs and would recommend Sci fit Personal Training to anyone.

Mandy Tyson – Nurse

I have been under Neil’s instruction for 2 years now and am seeing amazing results. I have been trying to lose weight for over 4 years following all sorts of diet plans and exercise regimes and nothing seemed to work. I then found Neil’s biography online and thought he may be able to help, being a highly qualified instructor and expert nutritionist, and I don’t regret making that decision. I have lost over 2 stones and I am the lowest weight I have been in years, I am breaking through the barriers of previous years and all thanks to Neil’s personalised instruction. He builds up my fitness every week and analyses my food diary set out under his instruction. I’m still only at the start of my journey but feel I have the best help and support. He is worth every penny.

Cheryl McMahon – Laboratory assessor/Trainer

At 43 years old and after being involved in sport for most of my life, I had become lazy and I felt I needed that little something extra to bring back my fitness.
My husband initially contact Neil Kirtley regarding some personal training as part of my Christmas present to help motivate me to start training again.
I started with Neil In January 2012 and even after the first session Neil had identified a problem that I had had with my calves for years due to the lack of warming up during my netball career. It took him only three weeks to solve an issue that had caused me problems for years!!
Neil is exceptionally knowledgeable within his field and has a wonderful passion that is rarely seen in any profession. His knowledge covers not only the fitness side but the bio-mechanics of your body and he brings his wealth of experience into every session.
His encouragement and his attitude towards his clients is second to none and in the last six months feel that I have benefited greatly from my twice weekly sessions, regardless of the pain encountered during our sessions I keep going back for more and am really feeling the benefits. His sessions are varied and he challenges you to achieve your personal best which is more than i ever hoped for. He has been so good for me that I have now got my husband seeing him and he feels that his fitness has also come along in leaps and bounds.
I cannot recommend him highly enough. He works at pace that is individual to each client and his patience with my many moans and groans deserves a medal 😉
Well done Neil
Keep up the good work

Jeannette Carroll – Project Manager

I have been training with Neil for several months now and would recommend his style of personal training to anyone. This is the first time I have ever used a personal trainer and wasn’t sure what to expect, I have found Neil very knowledgeable and helpful with tailoring each training session to my personal needs. 
He has started with building the basics to ensure that when we moved onto the harder training I had the right posture, stability and technique and able to develop my training sessions so I feel I am achieving something each week. I feel Neil has helped me no end and would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone else.

Mrs M. Chapman – Microbioligist

I’ve had personal training for some time but found that it was becoming a bit formulaic and uninspiring. I decided I needed a change and found Neil via the internet. After a free taster session I decided to book some sessions with Neil and after only two months training once a week at home I can feel a huge difference in my fitness levels already.
The sessions are jam packed of varied and exciting exercises and I never know what to expect from one session to the next, I look forward to the my next session all week.
The sessions are highly structured and organised as well as enjoyable and Neil gets the best out of me pushing me to the best of my capability leaving me exhausted but exhilarated.
I would highly recommend Neil to anyone wishing to participate in Personal Training based on his combination of knowledge, experience and personality.

Rowena Hindley – Marketing executive

Not having exercised for some time I was nervous about finding a personal trainer. However, Neil was brilliant, he listened to my requirements and set up a program that addressed my needs. He quietly went about his business making the routines fun and varied. I soon felt stronger, had more energy and felt better about myself. I can’t recommend Neil strongly enough, he is a star.

Stuart McIntyre – HR Director